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Our Services

Ammar offers a suite of services that include design-build, project management and construction management.


The experienced Ammar team offers top tier construction management services which include everything from concept to support. We envision your project from start to finish and our planning includes constructability assessment, scheduling and budgeting. Each construction management project is staffed with an experienced team that brings a valuable knowledge base to provide cost-effective solutions throughout the construction cycle. We work within the schedule and budget, in collaboration with our clients to guide a project from vision to completion.


Through our years of experience, we have built a complete project management solution for our clients. As a project manager we will be accountable to keep the timeline, roadmap, and budget of your project. We liaison with all the consultants and on the project and handle all the reporting to keep the project on track. We co-ordinate multiple on-site teams through all stages of the building process and maintain a singular focus to deliver projects on time and on budget. Propelled by our mission to deliver exceptional projects, will ensure your vision is brought to completion.


We can take your vision and make it a reality though our design/build service. We have delivered dozens of custom homes and this all-encompassing service allows you to work with our team to create aesthetically pleasing, functional spaces that you would love to call home.


  • Understanding the client and project requirements
  • Systematic approach to creating a schedule and budget
  • Proposing solutions-based feedback for the project
  • Attention to details through the design and construction phase
  • Management of all facets of the project from start to finish
  • Delivery of project on time and on budget

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5 McIntosh Dr
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Markham, ON L3R8C7

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